lunes, 13 de julio de 2009

Have anyone notice how much I try to speak in english? no? anyone?, ok I'll give it a try, maybe I'm not the best on it but think I can do it, so every post from now on will be on english, just for the lulz and the fact that I know most of my friends will not know what the fuck I'm saying.

I feel pretty good, IDK maybe yesterday wasn't just my day, but today even though it was a hell of a day, the weather was really hot and the fuckin cooler didnt work on school and for some reason my car fails so hard today that I was really mad at it, dont know, I just was because it turn off WHEN I WAS ON IT DRIVING TWICE. Thank god that anything bad happen, but just to be sure I will do something I havent done in ages, try to fix my own car OMGZ wish me luck

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